Take your toner and ink and turn it into money!

You still have Toner and Ink from your last printer change? Then you are at the right place, your specialist for Toner purchasing, Bares für Toner.
This is because your inventory could still be worth cash!
We purchase from small pieces to huge truck loads!
With 25 years of experience in toners and inks, we can assess the value of your products quickly and reliably.

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You have toner, ink or printer supplies which you no longer need? We buy toner, ink or printer supplies!

Send us the list of your items here!

How does it work?

Rain of Money
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Fill out our form completely, insert your inventory or attach an Excel or PDF file. Please take notice of our notes on the state of your toner.

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Our Bares für Toner team will send you a offer per E-mail.

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Pack your products in shipping-boxes and tell us the amount of packages (please notice our note on packaging!). Include a invoice in the box, or send us an invoice per E-mail.

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We pick up the goods for you, free of charge.

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After inspection of the products, we send the money to your account.

What information do we need?

We differentiate the state of the products in 3 categories. A-goods, B-goods and C-goods. Further information and sample images can be found in the categories on the right. For inks, if available, we also need the best-before date.


  • Current box without damage
  • No labels or stickers
  • Latest Hologram
  • No labeling

Product Image Product Image


  • Unopened
  • Carton is slightly damaged.
  • Small hole in the package < 1x1 cm
  • Old packaging or old hologram
  • Lettering, labels or adhesive tape on the cardboard

Product Image Product Image


  • No original packaging or missing cardboard box
  • Heavily damaged original packaging
  • Original packaging open

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As your specialist for toner purchase we offer many advantages. Some of these advantages are as followed:

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Cost-free pickup

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Fair prices

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Fast and simple processing


Here you have the possibility to send us your products. Just fill in your contact information and the products you would like to sell or add a list.


Do you have a question?
Check out some of our most asked questions!
If you have additional questions, please Contact Us or call us!

Which products do we purchase?

We buy unused and original toners, inks and other printer consumables and spare parts.

Is the shipping really free?

Yes! After acceptance of our offer, we will send you a shipping label, which is completely free of charge for you.

What should I focus on while packing? (!)

Please pack the products in boxes that are safe for transportation and use protection as required. No package may exceed the weight of 26 KG and the box dimensions must not exceed 60x50x40cm.

WWhere do I find the purchase-price?

We do not have a purchase-price, as the price per cartridge fluctuates constantly. Please send us your list via our formula and we will send you a customized offer.

Which brands do you purchase?

We buy products from all original manufacturers.

Can I also buy toner, ink, etc. from you?

Yes, you can contact our sales department at www.laserplus.de.